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Saturday, 21 March 2015

Nuffnang 8irthday!

I started off today morning feeling awesome. The reason is because I got the invite to the Nuffnang 8irthday Birthday Bash. I participated in their contest and won the invite. I was allowed to bring a plus one. So, I asked a good friend of mine to come but she declined. I completely understood because she works a lot. It would have been nice if she came because she would have loved it and got to blow off some steam. However, I am sure she has her own ways to do so.

It took me a while to find the place. I got lost and walked a lot. By the time I arrived, I was soaking wet with sweat. The venue was Zouk Club. It was my first time going to this club. The only reason I went was because it was in broad daylight and as a Nuffnang member, I wouldn't want to miss this event. I definitely made the right decision because it turned out to be one of the greatest day in my life. Here is why:

1. Intel on Nuffnang

I am just a new member of Nuffnang so this event was something I was looking forward to to gather intel on this firm that dedicates itself to helping aspiring bloggers like me. Thankfully Nuffnang had the same idea as well. They were there to not only celebrate their anniversary but to also dish on their firm. I gathered so much intel today. I finally understood what it means to be a Glitterati. I also found out about new platforms to promote my blog posts. Then, I discovered so many interesting things about the blogging world which wouldn't have been possible if I failed to attend this event.

2. Met really cool people.

First of all, I would like to say kudos to the Nuffies. They are a really cool and a  nice bunch. When I visited their booths, they were extremely professional and kind in explaining to me on what they do and how they do it. A girl named XingYi was kind enough to assist me during the event despite her busy schedule. I like how humble and down to earth most of the Nuffies were. I did not get to speak to the founder, Timothy Tiah but he did walk pass me and smiled like a small school girl. That was amusing to me because he happens to the father of two children.

Besides the Nuffies, I was fortunate enough to be included in a clique of 4 cool people. One of them were Jessica. She was there with her boyfriend and she was really nice to let me tag along with her during the event. I also enjoyed talking to her about life and all. She showed incredible maturity for someone her age and I was definitely amazed. I can see that she will be someone big someday based on the tiny conversation that I had with her.

3. Freebies!

This has to be the best thing about today's event. I got loads of freebies. One of which is a limited edition Heineken headphone. I love the headphone because it has a lot of cool features. The food was amazing and the deserts were up for grabs. I took the liberty to grab some cupcakes and macaroons to pass to my colleagues at work. They loved the cupcakes! I also got some interesting vouchers which I am looking forward to use.

To conclude, today was an amazing day. I had to leave early to get to work at 2pm but I had a lot of fun. I played with the balloons and felt amazed at the generosity shown by Nuffnang to the bloggers. I hope to stay associated with this firm. Here is a song that played as the backdrop during the event which is my personal favourite as well:

I deserve a pampering session with Crabtree & Evelyn because I am a big embracer of life and would love to chill with their amazing products. I am sure I would love it so much that I would hook all of my close friends to come and give a shot at their products. #CrabtreeEvelynMY #NuffnangxCrabtreeEvelynMY #Nuffnang8irthday

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